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Rockabilly Wedding

Posted by Abstract on May 20, 2012 at 7:30 PM

What you need:

Tube. I'm using the work of Rene Kunert. You can purchase her art here.

Kit. I'm using the kit "Rockabilly Wedding" from Scrapping Krazy Designs. You can find where to purchase the kit here.

I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tut can be recreated using Paintshop Pro and Animation shop. 


Open a new image with the dimensions of 600x600. Flood fill with white.

Open ele24, copy and paste into the image. Resize if needed. Create a new layer. Using your magic wand tool, click inside of each square, expand by 5px. Flood fill with black.

Drag the black layer under the frame.

Open your tube, make sure it has a close up layer. Copy and paste the tube above the black. You want just a face showing in each square, so you may have to do some erasing. Do this until you have all the squares filled. Merge all those tube layers together. Create a clipping mask with the tube layer and the black background by holding alt and clicking between the layers. Merge them together.

Duplicate that layer twice. On the bottom layer, greyscale it. I did this by doing a color overlay in black and then setting the blend to color. Then on the second layer, set the blend mode to overlay and do a color overlay of purple (set to color), and set the last one to overlay with a color overlay in red (set to color). Group those layers together.

Above the frame, copy and paste your tube. Open ele32, resize by 80%, copy and paste above the frame. Position it so that the bottom of the element is at the bottom of the frame.

Open ele68, resize by 60%, copy and paste above the flame. Position at the bottom of the tubes feet.

Open ele11, copy and paste above the tube. Add an outerglow if you wish. Open ele64. Resize by 50%, copy and paste above the tube. Position down by her feet.

Open ele07. Resize by 50%, copy and paste above the tube. Position down near the bottom near her feet, using my tag as a guide.

Open ele28. Copy and paste above the frame layer, position at the bottom. Crop the image so it's smaller.

Add your copyright information and name.

In your animation window, create 4 frames. Now, go to your grouped layers. In the first frame, make sure the greyscaled image is showing. In frame 2, open the purple layer over it. In frame 3, open the red layer over those two.

In the fourth layer, make sure the purple and grey layers are open. Set the display to .2 seconds on all the frames.

Save for web and devices. Enjoy!



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